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Makers Square is a membership-based makerspace\social club located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We believe in continuous education for all, and have created a workspace for members of artistic and creative natures to collaborate, plan, and fabricate projects.

We are based on the desire to learn new skills, create art, and provide a productive outlet for artistic ideas. Makers Square believes that life is continuous education, that given the right teachers one can learn anything, and that no idea is too "out there" when the right people are involved. Make something out of anything. Make something of your skills. Make something.

Makers Square contains over 14,000 of indoor/outdoor space available for all artistic endeavors and projects. Carpentry, metalwork, textiles and sewing, along with 3D fabrication and electronics, are just a few of the areas Makers Square will provide tools and space.

Our classes will cover such various topics as hydroponics\aquaponics, welding, carpentry, sign making, blacksmithing, and much more.

Please fill out the simple form here to get on the email lists for Open House and event announcements. We look forward to showing you around, and we know that you will find Makers Square to be the collaborative workspace you have been waiting for. It is time.

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